Pond by the Pines

10 X 8 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$250 (plus $1 shipping in the U.S.)

This was painted on an overcast day in our local mountains. My husband and I were exploring a 4-wheel drive road and came upon this small pond. It was such a beautiful and unexpected place I had to set up my easel and paint.

It’s very challenging painting on overcast days. I prefer having strong shadows and dramatic light and dark areas. With this painting I had to push my colors a lot to create something interesting.

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Sheila said…
It's good you're out there in the pretty woods. Howya feeling little lady?
rob ijbema said…
you've got a good handle on your greens kim,also the cool vs warm colors work nicely,you show grey days are good to paint also
Beautiful painting Kim!
And,congrats...it's a girl!!
Karen said…
Kim it's lovely! and I agree with you about overcast days, although we have so many of them here, we have to get used to painting them. I admire your pushing the colors, it creates a real vibrancy.
Hope you're feeling well!
I feel like I'm right there in the woods, looking at the pond, feeling the cool mountain air.
Edward Burton said…
Great painting, Kim - wonderful use of color.
this may be one of my favs! love all of your paintings but the stillness of this touches me..
Tracey Mardon said…
I love the result, it makes me want to pack the car. Really love the highlights on the water.
Beautifully done, Kim!!
r garriott said…
So fresh and lovely! I can smell the clean air. Happy to hear you are well.
Anonymous said…
Kim this is gorgeous - I love the colors!
Hope all is well:)
Erik said…
Hi Kim, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I think you did really well with this painting, it looks very tranquil. I can imagine you had to paint that.
Wow Kim, I know how difficult it is to paint on location. What a great job. Great colors and tones, outstanding.
WOW! You really hit this one just right. It's absolutely fantastic
Mary said…
Hope your renovations are going well, KIm. As you know from my blog, we are very pleased with the results of a few changes that repurposed spaces in our down-sized house. Including my new studio!

Lovely paintings! I especially like the soft piney greens in this one and the contrast of the cool, reflective water with the warm (but not overdone) yellow grasses. Very nice atmosphere and balance.

You must be feeling well as you anticipate the arrival of your LITTLE GIRL, given your energy for work on the house, exploring the beauty around you, and creating beautiful paintings. I'm so happy for you.
Really love this one Kim. The contrast is wonderful!

Glad to hear you are feeling well too!

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