Spring Coastline

10 X 8 inch oil painting on panel.

Today I decided to take a break from birds and paint a landscape. Normally, I would paint this en plein air (actually at the beach) but, since I’m half way through my pregnancy I’m finding that being comfortable is a high priority now so, I painted this in my studio (also know as my dining room).

It was a beautiful spring day when I snapped the shots that I used of Laguna Beach. This view is looking south towards Dana Point. Of course I had to run down to the sand, kick off my shoes and get my feet wet for a little while too.

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.KimVanDerHoek.com


Sheila said…
This is lovely.... do you know what you and hubby are having or do you like to be surprised? Are we talking a November baby? Take care of yourself(lves)!
Miss my painting partner. Bob went with me today to Irvine Regional. That was very nice and he walked and had a good time napping. I painted like I have 2 left hands, but that's okay. It has been a while. Anyway...This is really nice and clearly defined. It reads well and has nice depth. Painting those birds has not slowed your landscape work down on bit. Very nice painting Kim.
This is perfect Kim! It's exactly what that bluff looks like and from a photo or in plein air, you nailed it!
Hope you are feeling good!
It's lovely Kim. I always like your landscapes!
Manon Doyle said…
It's incredibly beautiful Kim!
Hope you're feeling well!
elsiee said…
Mmmmmmm that's fabulous, I can feel the sand between my toes!
Janelle Goodwin said…
Lovely sense of depth in this painting, Kim. I can just hear the ocean and smell the salt air!
Kim, this is lovely. Great contrast, love the composition also.
This is really beautiful Kim. I feel like I'm there.
Kim, this is gorgeous but makes me homesick for Laguna Hills! Your work gets richer with color every time I see it. Smart choice to stay indoors preggy lady...
LSaeta said…
Lovely painting Kim. Really makes me want to go to the beach!
Edward Burton said…
Beautiful painting, Kim - makes me want to be there.
Michelle said…
Beautiful work Kim. Would have never know it wasn't painted on location. So stay rested and comfortable!
Hope all is well with you and baby.

You're obviously painting away with joy and abandon..... Creating in every way possible!!
Congratulations Kim, you have an award waiting for you on my blog
indiaartist said…
Congrats! I am happy to visit your blog after a long long time. What a delight to see these beautiful birds. Great job.
Mary said…
Great brushwork on this lovely painting, Kim. It brings back memories of getting my feet wet at Laguna Beach, too--you have captured the feel of it perfectly. I also like the subdued tones in the background. Dana Point used to be a sailing destination from Long Beach for us and our two boys--we would stay on the boat a night or two and sail back. Ah, memories. Hope you are feeling well.
Anonymous said…
Kim I love this...Great lines and the color seems a little more vibrant. Great job!! Pregnancy and painting agrees with you:)
Hope all is going well...and remember you're in the homestretch now:)

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