Blog Feature on Handmade by Angie

5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
NFS - (An older painting done a few years ago. This is part of my personal collection, it has sentimental value so I'm holding onto it a while longer.)

Many other artists have asked me why I use Etsy as my primary selling venue and I answer that it's the wonderful people there. The shop owners are professional and the customers are an absolute delight to deal with. What is even more amazing to me is when a seller on Etsy promotes my shop, either in their blog or in an Etsy Treasury.

Today I woke up to check my email. Angie, a fellow Etsy seller wrote to tell me she was featuring my shop on her blog today. I'm so flattered! Pop on over if you have a moment and check out her blog.


Manon Doyle said…
Your work is so beautiful Kim you deserve it!!
Quite an honor, Kim!! Congrats!
r garriott said…
I love this painting. As artist, I think it's always a good idea to hold onto a few of our 'favorites'.

Thanks for the info on Etsy, too, and your kind comments to my blog recently.
Michelle said…
Great painting Kim. Glad to hear that all is well and of your success on etsy!
elsiee said…
lovely feature of you on a lovely blog - it's all so lovely!! ;)

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