Where Next?

7 X 5 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This little bird has found a home in the baby’s room. I painted a tree on the wall and this painting goes so well in there I couldn’t part with it. Now I need one more….

Thanks to everyone who’s asked how I’m doing! Everything is going along just fine and I’m in my last trimester. My only complaints are being tired and very hot but luckily, we’ve had a mild August this year.

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elsiee said…
that sweet little bird is PERFECT for your baby's room... just precious! So good to hear that you're feeling well!
elsiee said…
that sweet little bird is PERFECT for your baby's room... just precious! So good to hear that you're feeling well!
Manon Doyle said…
Oh Kim! What a perfect painting for the baby's room!
The little bird will watch over your bundle of joy!
Glad you are feeling well Kim!
This little bird is the favorite of mine in your series...the color is lovely!
Janelle Goodwin said…
What a precious painting for the baby's room! Can't wait to see the one you will paint to go with it. Glad to hear you're feeling good, Kim.
Edward Burton said…
What a sweet little bird - beautifully painted, Kim.
Hi Kim.
This is one beautiful painting of
a bird. One of the best that I have
ever seen. I`m going to go like mad
to produce something like it. I don`t hold out any hopes though.
All the best Kim.
lucky baby...to gaze at this painting. perfect! glad to hear you are doing well. would love to see the tree on the wall. best wishes.
Mild until the last few days...

Hopefully next week will cool down. And I'm really glad to hear you're doing so well.

What a treat for the baby's room. So nice and terrific brushwork too!!
Nancy Medina said…
Your birds are so beautiful, Kim, the colors on this one are amazing. I bet the baby's room is full of warm, sunny colors if this one fits right in!
Tracey Mardon said…
What a lovely little fellow to wake up to in the morning! Glad you're feeling well and the weather is cooperating!
Nicki said…
This little bird is delightful. It looks like it just might be able to sing a lullaby for your baby.

Best wishes for when the big day comes.
Caio Fernandes said…
your paintings are very good .
you are very sensitive for light , colours and texture .
it was a huge pleasure to know your blog today !!
Jill Berry said…
Beautiful transitions happening across this one!
Secluded Cove is awesome too.
Happy for your recent ~Award~!!
Take care of yourself...
& the little one...
L.Holm said…
glad to hear things are going well, Kim. Lucky baby (to be) to have such a beautiful room and creative mom.
rob ijbema said…
so tweet so sweet
perfect kim
your sweetheart is going to love it
Karen said…
Glad to hear that you're doing well! Baby will love this painting...it's brushstrokes are fantastic.
Bear Chick said…
Glad to hear you're making it through this heat. That's a lovely birdie for the baby's room and something he or she will always have, a part of you!
Erik said…
Lucky baby! What a wonderful colors in this one, it all fits perfectly. I should do a painting for my kids too.

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