Bouquet In Orange and Pink

6 X 6 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$50 (Plus $15 shipping within the U.S.)

As an artist I find inspiration everywhere and because of that the list of things I want to paint is endless. Flowers have been on the list for a while and I finally grabbed a moment to paint some.

Of course many of you have already tackled this subject and I’ve been very inspired by your work. Thanks Nancy Medina, Dana Cooper, Dori Dewberry, R. Garriott and Karen Phipps your beautiful work always motivates me!

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Manon Doyle said…
This is such a happy painting Kim! Love the colors you've chosen!!
Beautiful complimentary colors in your lovely style!
Rob Hazzard said…
Kim, I haven't been to your blog in a while, your work is just great....and congratulations on your recent award, what a great feeling that must have been.
Michelle said…
Beautiful painting Kim! I am in total agreement with Manon and the color choices - very happy!
elsiee said…
my thoughts exactly "what a HAPPY painting!" love your use of blue as well!
Hi Kim, yes indeed, this is a happy painting. I love the colors and the simple design makes it extraordinary. Great job Kim!
this is such a breath of fresh air!
Mary said…
This is a delightful piece, Kim! The complementary color palette really gives it zing, and the composition is fresh and inviting.

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