5 X 7 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This is the companion painting to “Where Next,” the previous bird painting. Both of these are going to be hung in my daughter’s room.

I’m about 6 weeks away from my due date now (wow). My hands and feet have been swelling (which I didn’t experience when I was pregnant with my son). There are still so many little things I need to do but honestly, I just want to put my feet up and sit in front of a fan these days.

Now that my son is back in school I’m getting in as much painting as I can. I’ll keep posting but if I disappear for a long time, you’ll know why….

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Sheila said…
I love this image Kim! It swells with hope and a bright future and probably a harbinger for your soon to arrive bundle of joy.

I also love your cupcakes for DSFDF. I'm still struggling with mine.
dacoop said…
This little bird painting is my favorite of all your bird paintings...I think your daughter will be proud to have such a talented mommy!
Gwen Bell said…
This is so fresh and beautiful. The pair will look so charming in the baby's room. Just love the colors!
Edward Burton said…
Very sweet little songbird, Kim.
elsiee said…
Lucky lucky girl to have such a talented mommy that will fill her room and her life with art inspired by pure love...
Manon Doyle said…
I so adore the yellows in this one Kim! Such a beautiful piece for your daughter's room.
You need to put those feet up and relax!!
Bear Chick said…
These are lovely pieces for your daughter's room! The next 6 weeks will go so fast and then you'll have a baby girl to look after. Best wishes to the whole family!
Kim, Your bird paintings are so very charming, what a nice nursery you have created for your daughter.

If I were you, I would just put my feet up and enjoy a little break as you will soon be very very busy.
Erik said…
Beautiful again. Love the palette.
All the best in those last few weeks!
Nancy Medina said…
Kim, this is absolutely enchanting. If Disney calls, tell them you're busy with baby, but will get back to them soon via your agent! ; ) I hope you are feeling well and wish you all the best preggy lady as the exciting day approaches!
Kim how beautiful, I love all of your bird paintings. The colors and compositions as well of brushwork.

6 weeks, wow, getting close.
Another lovely companion for your baby!!

You're going through such a beautiful time of life.... I'm so glad when I read about how much you are enjoying it. See if you can get your hubby to post a picture of your newbie and your son together when she arrives, so we can all smile together.
Aw! This is just wonderful! I wanted to say something profound, but, you know, it's adorable and lively and I can almost hear him. And I didn't know about the baby coming! All the best.
Diana Marshall said…
This is absolutely beautiful, such a sweet bird singing his heart out, colours are lovely, brushstrokes perfect.
rob ijbema said…
you did so well with the yellow kim,not an easy color,the suggested background works so well.
how exciting1 good luck with your new life!

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