Sailing Day

7 X 5 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a boat, years in fact. The feeling of freedom as the wind rushes by is something I’ll never forget though.

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peaceful Your "sailing on choppy waters" reminds me of a sailing race I witnessed in St Maarten a year and a half ago.
Sheila said…
This lifted my spirits immediately Kim! What a wonderful image. Howya feeling?
Manon Doyle said…
Aww! This painting is so lovely Kim! It really does give you that sense of freedom.
WOW, Kim.. this is just fabulous with its very subtle value changes and lovely subdued colors...

Great job Kim. Love the colors and yes it does give a sense of freedom.
Really nice Kim. That one thick stroke on the sail brings everything to the painting. Makes me wish we still had our sailboat!
Janelle Goodwin said…
Åh.... I can feel the wind. Lovely painting, Kim!
LSaeta said…
You know how much I love boats and I think this paintnig is splendid! That thick brush stroke on the sail is fantastic!
Cathyann said…
The lightness of being, on the water, perfectly captured!
Edward Burton said…
Great painting, Kim - congratulations on the sale!
Karen said…
Glad you have not disappeared, but when you do, it will be for such a great reason!
Love the soft colors in this one.
Darn.... I shouldn't have thought about it... I should have JUST BOUGHT IT..

I really liked this one!!

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