High Octane

16 X 12 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
Available through Copperwood Artware Gallery

This is the second in the oil derrick series. Many of you compared my last painting to William Wray's work which was incredibly sweet because he is an artist whose work I admire very much.

For me this painting was very much about arranging the elements in the composition, not painting what I was seeing in my reference photos. I feel a lot more confident working from photos now because I've painted plein air for the last few years. I feel like I've gotten better at adding in atmosphere that wouldn't normally be in a photograph.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Sheila said…
I love this series! Your style has such a classical look to a relatively new machinery. I can hardly wait to see more.
Wow Kim! This is a favorite for sure...your background, middle and foregrounds are so perfectly stated, well done!
Erik said…
That's great. I love this one even better than the previous one. Brushstrokes, color,knife-work. Awesome.
Very nice painting, Kim. You have plenty of atmosphere and I would never have picked it as a studio painting.

I am enjoying having your beautiful little painting in my home.
Manon Doyle said…
Wow! I enjoyed this piece very much Kim! Great work!
Hope you're feeling well!!
beautiful painting kim!! wouldn't know you painted it from a photo, very well handled, and the composition is excellent! :) hope you are feeling well, baby due soon right?
You outdid your last one!!

This is terrific!! I clicked on it to see the wonderful texture. I love it... Looks like you did it with a brush, but it's almost knife-like!!
Kim VanDerHoek said…
Thanks Sheila, Dana, Erik, Prabha and Marian!

Carol, I'm so glad you are enjoying the painting, it's always wonderful to hear!

Manon, thanks for asking, I feel good, huge but good.

Christine, yes I am due very soon. The Dr. might induce me next week!
elsiee said…
you've managed to make the oil derrick romantic - here's to a quick safe delivery and a happy healthy baby!!
This is my favourite Kim. brilliant
all round but fantastic background.
well done.
Edward Burton said…
My favorite too, Kim. Beautifully painted with wonderful colors.
Jane Hunt said…
Hi Kim,
Congratulations - you are the winner of my latest painting giveaway! Check out the instructions on my blog and let me know which one you'd like:)
Very well done. Great division of values and wonderful rich color. A strong piece!!!!
Hey Kim, how is it going? Miss you.

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