Working Late

9 X 12 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
Available through Copperwood Artware Gallery

A few weeks ago my husband, son and I went out to visit the oil derricks at sunset so that I could snap a few reference photos for paintings. It’s a remote location and being a woman and pregnant I didn’t want to go there alone. My husband thought our son would be bored walking around these giant machines but for a young boy it was paradise. There were rocks to throw, miles of dirt, weird objects waiting to be dug up and tons of space to run. He also loved the giant derricks pumping away and asked thousands of questions about them. It was an odd family outing but one that all of us really enjoyed.

This painting is one of three I just recently finished in my studio. I’ll post the other two soon.

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This is great. Very nice depth and atmosphere. Love the title. You have these mechanical dinosaurs down.
Sheila said…
Oh KIM!!!! I love this and can hardly wait until I see the other two. I am a big fan of Willaim Wray. This is as strong as his work.
great painting, how you can get a soft glow from hard metal is incredible!
elsiee said…
i remember being fascinated by these oil rigs when I first moved to California they were the oddest most alien things I had ever seen!

your painting and how you captured the light - lovely!!
Karen said…
Love it, the subject and the composition! I think William Wray would like yours, too! :)
Erik said…
Great story and great painting too Kim. You are so versatile. Looking forward to the other two.
This is fabulous, Kim!!

I often see work by painters like William Wray, who paint things which normally one would think are just ugly .... but when painted they become beautiful.

You did that with this one!!
Kim, I love it, the composition the colors as well as the tones. Well done.
tonypetersart said…
Nice gritty subject, I like it, and I also like the way you handled that sky!

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