Feathers of Gold

7 X 5 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
NFS - A gift for my mother (thanks for all your help).

This was painted and given to my mother who came to help after the baby’s birth. She made a bunch of casseroles and froze them just so that I wouldn’t have to cook after she went home. Our busy family absolutely wore her out. Thanks mom!

The other day I found a cobweb on my easel. I realize that I just had a baby 3 months ago but I ache to paint again. It absolutely breaks my heart to be away from it. In place of painting I try to peek at everyone’s blog posts from time to time. I don’t often comment because I’m typing one handed (the baby is often napping in my other arm) but your work always inspires me. Maybe I’ll be able to paint again soon.

To see more of my work log onto www.KimVanDerHoek.com


Manon Doyle said…
Hey Kim!!!
Lovely painting!! So good to see you! Don't worry about commenting just enjoy your baby!!
You will paint again soon, and meanwhile enjoy every precious moment, it goes by too fast!
Jill Berry said…
Beautiful work, Kim.
Soft~feathery edges.
Sweet gift.

Congrats on your little bundle of joy! Happy cuddling.
elsiee said…
I've missed you Kim and your paintings so I can only imagine how much you miss painting - welcome back, bit by bit, welcome back!
Hi Kim.
Glad your back, of a sort of course. That Bird painting is absolutely beautiful. I bet your Mum is over the Moon to receive that. All the best Kim.
Edward Burton said…
What a sweet little bird. Beautifully painted, Kim!
Carol Horzempa said…
Love your colors and feathery brushstrokes...Beautiful!
One of the things I admire about you... aside from your great work... is your wise prioritization!!
Be well... be happy... stay healthy!
Janelle Goodwin said…
Beautiful bird painting, Kim!
Hi Kim,

Beautiful painting. Beautiful baby. All the best to you and your family.
This is lovely Kim. Wonderful color and texture. See you soon. Just enjoy this very precious time.
Nancy Medina said…
Such a little beauty Kim, have you thought about doing a blurb book of your bird paintings? I had an art teacher once who said if you cannot paint, look at art, think of art, and you are keeping it alive that way. You are just building up your mojo lady! Kiss that sweet baby for me.
Gary Keimig said…
Congratulations on the new one Kim.
Now the fun begins.
That is a great Western Tananger you did. We have them around ever once in a while. A truely beautiful bird.
Sheila said…
I know you miss painting but don't worry about the blogoshere. It'll still be here when you're back in the saddle. You know this stage of your baby's life goes by so quickly. Enjoy while you can!
Rick said…
Your work is always so good.
Michelle said…
Beautiful! I was just going to ask if it is a Western Tanager...but Gary answered that for me. Glad to hear your spending lots of time with your baby, but it's also nice to have a moment for yourself and paint!
L.Holm said…
beautiful bird! What a perfect gift for your Mom.
Mothers are important. :-D
TheresaJ said…
What a lovely gift for your, Mom, and what a gift your Mom is to you!

I love your bird paintings!
This is stunning! I'm delighted to have found your blog and looking forward to following your progess.
Alexandre Jay said…
Beautiful brush work!

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