O'Neil Park Tree - A Study

6 X 8 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$50 (plus $15 shipping within the U.S.)

This was painted at one of our local regional parks here in Orange County. It’s a park rich in subject matter for a landscape painter. I’ve also heard it’s a great place to take the kids for a weekend of camping (have to try it when the baby is older).

This painting was a good exercise for me as I’m still working on getting back to painting regularly. After taking the last few months off I am out of practice. For those of you who are daily painters, you have no idea how much I envy the time you are able to devote to your work. Maybe someday I can be one too…..

To purchase this painting and see more of my work log onto www.KimVanDerHoek.com


Sheila said…
Aaah... but you have your priorities right! How is that precious little bundle by the way?

You don't have to worry, by the look of this "study" you still have that awesome touch to capture form and light!
Very nice Kim. You haven't lost a thing.
Rick said…
Welcome back. The time off didn't seem to hurt your skills.
Edward Burton said…
Wow, this is absolutely wonderful, Kim!
elsiee said…
such a serene feel to this landscape - all I need is a comfy blanket to lay under this tree - love that your posting your work again!
Beautiful job here Kim...very painterly!!

Kim, It is good to see your work again...and I might add it is good as ever!

Enjoy your baby, she will grow up in a flash, your painting will be there for you the rest of your life.
Love this one, Kim! Very fresh and lovely colors, beautifully composed.
Pam Holnback said…
Love the light. Don't worry about not painting daily. Your family is so important and so small for such a short time. They deserve all your time. You can paint more later, but you can't play w/ your kids more later!
Beautiful Painting Kim. Well done and all the best.

Good to hear from you again!! This is a WONDERFUL tree painting... Doesn't look like you're out of practice at all!

Enjoy your family but I'm happy to see some painting again!!
dominique eichi said…
Such a lovely piece. I will be back for MORE !
r garriott said…
Absolutely stunning! Your brushes may have been sitting idle, but your painters eye and mind has clearly been active while you attend to your lovely young one.

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