Down the Path in Early March

6 X 8 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$140 ($1.00 shipping within the U.S.)

The piece of property this was painted on has been for sale in my neighborhood for years. Apparently, none of the property owners have been able to get the city to approve their plans for development. Now it serves as a walking path for people out getting exercise and walking their dogs.

I love painting here because it has an overlooked natural beauty right in the heart of the suburbs. I enjoy walking by it and watching the grass turn brown in the summer, then the puddles develop along the path in winter, followed by the beautiful spring grass you see here.

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Dana Cooper said…
Lovely little piece Kim...I like how the path meanders.
Karen said…
I love the looseness in this one!
Edward Burton said…
Very beautiful, Kim - well done!
Good to see your work again Kim.

This is a lovely little painting and how nice that it is so near your home!
Hi Kim.
I love this piece. It`s a solid beautiful painting. Well done. All the best Kim.
Happy to see you are back to painting. I love this painting, it feels as though we can step into it and take a stroll. Well done.
elsiee said…
how lovely to have a little oasis in suburbia - it's a wonderful painting!
LindaHunt said…
This is a luscious little nice that you are back!
Tracey Mardon said…
Beautiful atmospheric painting, lovely edges!!! I want to hop in the car with the dog but that would be a stretch.
Carol DeMumbrum said…
Kim, I love your paintings!! You have really inspired me to get outside and paint what is right around me.
Laurel Daniel said…
Kim - Tracey Marden sent me here and I am a new fan! Your work is beautiful (and belated congrats on your new baby.)
Rick said…
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Nancy Medina said…
Your work is such a breath of fresh air Kim, wonderful to see your gorgeous landscapes again. Hugs to you!
A powerful painting Kim. I love the Inpact of the darks. It is truly a lovely landscape. Well done. All the best Kim.

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