Duomo View

6 X 6 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

This subject is a warm-up for a workshop I am taking in Italy in June. For a year now I’ve been talking about Greg LaRock’s week-long plein air painting workshop in Tuscany. My sweet husband volunteered to stay at home with the kids and told me that I should go this year. While, I am torn about leaving the baby (they change so much in a week), one of the things I’ve learned during this awful recession is to seize an opportunity like this when it comes along because it might not come around again.

So, I leave the first week in June. We are staying in a renovated monastery in the Chianti region in Tuscany. There are only 2 other artists going along which means lots of feedback from Greg. He tells us that because our group is so small we can go anywhere we want to paint. He has several exciting locations planned and I hope the weather is good. Honestly, I don’t have the words to express how much I am looking forward to this trip!

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Bear Chick said…
LUCKY YOU!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute!
elsiee said…
I am sooooooo excited for you!! Can't wait to see your Italian series!!
Ciao Bella!!!
Pam Holnback said…
What a trip! What an opportunity! Enjoy. I can't remember ever leaving both of our kids. I'd always take one. Now I realize I would have missed them so much!!!!! But, we all would have survived. They are now grown and moved on and I still miss them. How great to give your art this kind of boost at your age!
Dana Cooper said…
OMG, I'm so excited that you get to go on the trip with Greg! You are a lucky girl!!
Love this painting, you got so much information in such a small space...ciao!
Wow Kim! You are a lucky girl. From the looks of this painting you are well on your way to a wonderful painting vacation.
Joan Breckwoldt said…
Have a wonderful time!!! I went with my family to the Chianti region a few years ago and it's beautiful. No painting though, not with the family along, but YOU will be able to do nothing but paint paint paint. I can't wait to see your paintings.
Your paintings are already beautiful!!!
WOW.. am I jealous... Between Italy and Greg... What could be better??
You are a lucky woman!
Hope you blog about it!!
Kim VanDerHoek said…
Thanks everyone!

Marian - I will try to blog about it. I can't promise though, I'm not bringing a laptop and when I'm home the kids keep me VERY busy.

I really hope I come home with a few good paintings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Theresa said…
WOW - what an amazing and exciting opportunity. Yes, you have to go. I understand the anxiety of separating form your little ones, but you have to fight that and just go with this. They will be in good hands and a week is not that long.

Can't wait to hear about it and see what you've painted when you get back!

Have a fabulous time!
Marilyn M. King said…
What an amazing blessing!!!! I'm sure it will be life changing. Don't stress by putting pressure on yourself, just drink it all in.
Jill Berry said…
This is a great painting.

And WhoOoW !!!
What a picture-perfect painting vaca... ~soak up the experience~.
Judy Mackey said…
LOVE this painting. You'll enjoy your visit there. I hope you will get to see Pienza which is my favorite little town (it's little) but that's where they filmed Romeo and Juliet back in the '70's...enjoy enjoy enjoy
Tracey Mardon said…
Kim, I hope/know you'll have the best time. Good for you to jump at the opportunity and Thank Goodness for spouses like that! I'll be at a weekend in Canmore with Liz Wiltzen but I'll think about you in Italy. I hope you have a warm wonderful time!!!
Rick said…
Wow! Sounds like a great trip. (Showing my ignorance: Italy, right?) And you'll only be gone a week?

I'm never disappointed when I visit your blog. Your work always appeals to me.

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