Tuscan Hills

5.5 X 9 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$150 plus $15 for shipping in the U.S.

Again, this scene is in Vagliagli. This was my final painting for the week and even though it's small, it contains some very valuable lessons I learned during the week. One in particular has to do with adding subtle color shifts to help achieve depth and interest (it's hard to see but there are 2 colors in the dark trees). Also, Greg encouraged me to push my highlights around my focal area even more by either lightening them or adding an alien color that isn't anywhere else in the painting in-order to draw the viewer's eye.

Thinking back on my time in Italy, one of the things that made the whole experience so wonderful was that all I had to do was to make sure my gear was packed and I was ready to paint. At home, my day consists of cleaning, feeding kids, entertaining kids, diapers, exercising, rushing around trying to fit everything in that needs to get done during the day and tons of multi-tasking.

In Italy, everything was taken care of. My meals were cooked for me, the dishes were done by someone other than me, the grocery shopping was taken care of, my room was cleaned every day by someone else and I didn’t even have to drive or navigate anywhere. All I had to do was show up and paint, it was extraordinary!

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elsiee said…
the variations in color struck me immediately (I felt so arty after I ready your post) - yup your describing the reason why I think the wealthy can afford to be so much more creative!!! can't wait to see you post italy work too!
Erik said…
Beautiful Kim. I can see the 2 colors in the trees and I really like the purplish color in the background mountains. Nice decisive brushstrokes too.
Angela Elledge said…
Here I was all ready to comment on your beautiful painting, love the depth by the way and the wonderful combo of greens, but then you described life without the regular responsibilities and my heart stood still...WOW!
what a wonderful experience to have kim! it's so hard to have time when there are so many other responsibilities. this painting is great, the subtle differences even in your painting are obvious to me in this one. :]
Edward Burton said…
Wow, Kim, how wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic experience. I look forward to seeing more.
Manon Doyle said…
Sounds like a great experience. Love the painting,
I hope you're doing well! You sound very busy... I remember those days....enjoy them!!
A dreamy painting, Kim.
LindaHunt said…
Very special little painting! I love the variety of greens and the sparkle of the highlight in the focal area!
Dana Cooper said…
Beautiful Kim...your paintings will keep fresh the memories of your wonderful trip!
So glad you had a good time....
I'm trying to look for that "odd" color spot... Where is it???
Kim VanDerHoek said…
Thanks everyone!

Marian - in this little one I just added a brighter yellow in the foreground. It's hard to tell here.
Lisa Daria said…
Adding an alien color - I like this idea - thank you for sharing what you learned.
I can relate to the 'alien' color because I've incorporated it in my own work sometimes. If, say, a work has a lot of green in it, you can put a tiny touch (it could be a pin point) of something in the red family somewhere significant in the painting and it creates a fabulous color vibration that pulls the eye.
Beautiful work.

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