Sea Breeze

8 X 10 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$130 ($15 shipping in the U.S.)

That salty scent in the ocean air is wonderful. You can feel the moisture on your skin as the breeze blows your hair back and the sun warms your face. It’s a magical place.

Please join me at the opening reception for the Small to Large Show!

Opening Reception: September 18th 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, CA
Behind the carousel in Balboa Fun Zone

The show runs September 15th - October 30th

To see more of my work log onto


Very nice feeling, color and temperature. Beautiful Kim.
Kim this is really nice...

I'm there... right now...
Edward Burton said…
Wonderful painting, Kim. Looks peaceful.
Casey Klahn said…
Hi, Kim. I tracked here from Katherine's blog. Nice to meet, and if you're near Newport Beach I'm going to send some friends over who live there (John and Sandy Mulloy).

Good blog!!

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