September Night In Siena

12 X 9 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$385 (free shipping in the U.S.)

When I was in Italy recently I had the opportunity to spend the evening in Siena. Along the narrow streets of the city there are dozens of stores and restaurants. I enjoyed a nice dinner with a group of fellow painters and afterward we went to the Piazza del Campo (the center of the city) and ordered a gelato for dessert. Along the way back to our car I snapped a photo of this scene and decided to turn it into a painting.

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Kim, Italy is probably my favorite country (other than ours) and this painting brings back memories of similar nights I have had there. Thanks for the memories! You are too young to remember that song.

You captured the glow and atmosphere of an evening in Italia!
LindaHunt said…
The vantage point in this painting is very effective. I also love the color.

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