6 X 6 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

At the entrance to the small hilltop village of Cignano (pronounced Chin-ya-no) in Tuscany, I found this stone altar. With its small pot of flowers it greets anyone entering the village. Once inside the village there are pots overflowing with flowers outside every doorstep, along every patio and in every garden. It’s a beautiful place!

Reminder – You can see 2 of my paintings at the Small to Large Show.

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum
600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, CA
The show runs September 15th - October 30th

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elsiee said…
Very serene and inviting - love this little painting!
Nice balance and color kim.
Manon Doyle said…
Yes... it does look so peaceful. Beautiful work, Kim!!
Dana Cooper said…
Lovely painting Kim...congrats on getting into the small to large show!
Nancy Medina said…
Kim this is wonderful, I have a feeling we are in for many, many more masterpieces to come from your Tuscany visit! *can't wait!!*
Kim your work is amazing. I have been enjoying your latest on my blog. All the best to you.

rob ijbema said…
so nice 'n loose
and lovely light too!

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