Village Lane In Tuscany

9 x 12 oil on canvas panel

Across the avenue from the small hilltop village of Cignano (pronounced Chin-ya-no) in Tuscany is this pretty lane. It leads to fields of olive trees and vineyards.

In my paintings I find that I gravitate toward scenes that have some evidence of people in them. While it's not a popular point of view, I do feel that we have a place in the land and I enjoy documenting the moments when our presence adds to the beauty of the landscape.

Which do you prefer, the pristine beauty of an untouched landscape or one where there is some evidence of humanity?

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Olivier Longuet said…
really nice. makes you want to see what's behind the turn.
love it
I guess I can be pulled towards landscapes with people or without, depending on the place. I like the feel of the natural world about this, with the hint of human occupation. I'm attracted by the road leading off into the distance, wondering what's down there.
Hi Kim.
Brilliant and lovely painting, as usual I might add. And to answer your question, Definitely one person no more than two in a landscape.All the best Kim.
Christine said…
Kim, your new painting is lovely. It has a striking composition of lights and darks and the brushstrokes are an exquisite reflection of the landscape. Well done!

Edward Burton said…
Love the aerial perspective on this, Kim. Very beautiful.
rob ijbema said…
love your edges in this kim
great mood too
martinealison said…
La lumière de la Toscane nous ravit tous n'est-ce pas? Votre oeuvre me parle beaucoup, j'aime les couleurs qui jaillissent fraîchement... Je reviendrais visiter votre blog.

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