Coastal Allure - What Happens When A Painting Gathers Dust?

9 X 12 inch oil painting on canvas panel.

We all have them. A painting we were so pleased with after we finished it and then proudly added our signature to. Riding that wave of pride in our work we list it on our web site or blog where it stays for a long time.

"Coastal Allure" is one of those. Originally it was called "View From The Montage" and you can see the original here. I decided to rework this painting as an exercise for myself just to see if I could improve upon the original version. When I painted it initially I didn't know how to use color to differentiate the hills or how to handle the buildings in the background. The brushwork in the foreground overpowered my focal point as well so, I toned it down in this version.

All in all this was a great exercise. Because the basic plan for the painting was already there I was able to play a lot more with color and edges. It felt liberating to paint out sections I wasn't happy with any longer.

What do you think, is this an improvement?

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Denise Rose said…
Yes, I can see the improvements, just what you talked about. It is funny how time and really looking at a piece can help you learn from it! Great job!
martinealison said…
Les deux versions me conviennent parfaitement cependant dans la dernière, le contraste apporte peut-être plus de profondeur.
jcsvisuals said…
Sunday is a good day to catch up and see the wonderful work of artists that I follow.

Thanks for sharing the journey of this work. It amazes me what time and distance can do for ones perspective etc.
It is an alluring piece. I like the various blues.
rob ijbema said…
great sense of distance kim
love the hazyness
Anonymous said…
Kim, you have done a fantastic job improving this the texture in the fore ground and the way you have played with color to gain better perspective . Well done!
J Joy Nocifora said…
Really beautiful! Great job on the perspective of foreground and backgound!

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