Tag for SmartPhones

Today I learned about these cool images called Tags. You may have seen them popping up in magazines, newspapers and even on your monthly statements (I just saw one on a medical bill). So what weird new art form is this you ask? Well, if you have a SmartPhone you can download a FREE Tag Reader application for your phone from Microsoft. After that you simply scan the black and white tag and BAM - your phone will automatically load the web page the tag directs it to.

Above is the Tag for my web site. Scan it and your phone will connect to my web site and all the content found there.

Imagine waiting in the Dr.'s office, flipping through a magazine and coming across a tag like this for something you want to learn more about. Instead of ripping out the page, taking it home and hoping you remember to look it up on your computer later that day, you'll be able to instantly access the information right where you are. THAT is seriously cool! Now, if only I had a SmartPhone.....

Of course you can always get to my web site the traditional way www.KimVanDerHoek.com


martinealison said…
Mon dieu si mon grand-père revenait en ce monde... il ne comprendrait pas vraiment ce qui se passe...
Le progrès n'avance-t-il pas trop vite ???... cependant si nécessaire.
Bisous et meilleurs voeux.
Ha... They are fun, aren't they Kim??

Actually the ones from Microsoft aren't as easy to create as the ones on Moshe's blog. They also aren't (apparently) as universal.

The one I created from Microsoft seems only to be able to be read from the Microsoft app. The other one (like the one you used) can be read from several apps such as Shop Savvy...

They ARE very cool.

Of course you have to have a smart phone..... ;oD
Dana Cooper said…
I got my app and my own tag...now we just need to figure out what to do with them. :)
Happy New Year Kim!!

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