Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tuscan Villa

9 X 12 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
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It’s been a week since I got back from Italy and I’m just getting into the swing of things. The workshop was truly one of the most amazing experiences! The restored monastery we stayed in was beautiful, it was surrounded by rolling green hills and much of the food that was prepared for us was from surrounding farms (here is the web site of the group that organizes the workshop if you are interested Speaking of the food….while our group was painting there was another group there taking a cooking workshop. Our first meal was very good but then it got better and better and better as the week progressed. Honestly, I came home and asked myself why bother eating anymore because nothing I could cook would compare to the week of meals I’d just had in Italy. Then I felt guilty when my husband told me he’d made mac and cheese one night for dinner while I was away.

What about the painting workshop? It’s hard to go wrong hosting a landscape workshop in Tuscany because everywhere you turn there is a painting waiting to happen. I filled my camera with over 400 shots of photo reference and it was painful to pass up so many beautiful scenes. I did paint every day except one and that day Greg LaRock painted a demo for us. Because there were only two other painters in our group Greg was able to get around to our easels very often. He gave me tons of feedback, encouragement and dutifully answered all of my questions. And every night before dinner he would critique our paintings from the day, including his own painting, if he did one, which gave me a glimpse into his thought process when he examines his own work.

I’ll blog more about the trip in my next post. About the painting I posted here….

This was painted in the rolling hills of Tuscany next to a small village named Vagliagli (meaning valley of the wild garlic - pronounced val-yal-yee – yes, there really is wild garlic that grows there). Scenes from the movie Letters to Juliet were filmed in Vagliagli (the picnic table under the tree and the local Bar).

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