7" x 5" oil on canvas panel.
$130 (Free shipping within the U.S.)

This guy and I have something in common. We both like to fish. Of course, he fishes out of necessity while I fish for fun. That said, I am not a very good fisherman. In a matter of minutes this guy caught and ate two fish! I wish I had that kind of skill.

My goal in this painting was to be committed. I wanted to lay down the paint and leave it alone. I could have really labored over the grasses but all they needed were a few well-placed strokes. This was definitely a case of less is more.

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Manon Doyle said…
He's beautiful, Kim!! Lovely painting.
TheresaJ said…
Another beauty! I absolutely love this!!!
Linda Popple said…
Beautiful colors and good composition. The grasses are perfect. Well done!
Kim, this little painting is perfection! A great example of less is more. The simplicity takes my breath away.
J Joy Nocifora said…
Love this! Such beautiful colors!
rob ijbema said…
wonderful blue kim
makes that bird pop!
martinealison said…
Juste majestueux et serein... ce que j'aime dans la nature vous nous le montrez. Bravo!
Dana Cooper said…
Wonderful brushwork in the grasses Kim!
A skill we all need to practice practice practice...
And you've done it so well.

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