Calendar Giveaway Winners

Wow, I am absolutely floored by the huge response! Thank you all for reading my blog, I truly appreciate it.

And the winners are...

Warren R.

Pam H.

Now, just because you didn't win a calendar doesn't mean you'll be empty handed. I've decided to send a couple blank note cards to everyone who entered. Please see the list below as some of you didn't give me your mailing address and without that bit of information I can't send you your cards.

Leecia P.

Laurie M.

Sheila T. - I need your mailing address

Carol S.

Tracey M. - I need your mailing address

Martha S. - I need your mailing address

Denise - I need your last name and mailing address

In case you are reading this via FaceBook. The FaceBook winners are....
Susan G.
Amber L.
Beky A.
Jennie S.
Jessica T.
Dee K.
Gabriella F.
Mike B.

I will be packaging everything this week and shipping it out. Thanks again!


J Joy Nocifora said…
Wonderful composition and colors!
martinealison said…
bravo pour les gagnants et surtout moi je vous félicite pour cette toute dernière toile... J'adore la présence de ces ifs... Bisous
Thank you Kim! I am very excited to get your notecards. I'm just sorry I didn't know about your calendar earlier, would loved to have purchased one.
Kim, your work is amazing. I love the colors and composition. Truly well done.

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