Shining Pine

8 X 10 inch oil painting on canvas panel.
$250 (FREE shipping in the U.S.)

My husband and I recently took a long weekend trip without the kids to Big Bear. We enjoyed each others company, had a several nice meals together, went hiking and since the kids weren’t around we actually managed to finish our sentences.

On our hike the light shining on the small pine tree and the strong shadows in this scene caught my eye. This is just off the Pacific Crest Trail. The weather was perfect for hiking, with beautiful blue skies and a light breeze.

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LindaHunt said…
The serenity in this painting is breathtaking! I love your handling of paint and the variety of edges. A beautiful painting!!
martinealison said…
La sérénité de votre promenade se ressent dans votre toile et j'aime la lumière qui balaye votre paysage.
Dana Cooper said…
Shining is right Kim, I love the light coming through the trees, glad you had a nice get-away too!
Leslie Saeta said…
Love the color and the way you captured the light in this one!
Pat O'Driscoll said…
I like the composition in this, always enjoy seeing your work.

So good the two of you reclaimed yourselves. When the kids come along we often forget that were not always someone's mom or dad.

LOVE this little painting and the light shining through the trees!
Nicely done, Kim. It must have been a beautiful hike. Love the brushwork on the trees.
You have suggested a great atmosphere of peace in this painting. Lovely! Makes me want to get my hiking boots out.
Gary Keimig said…
very nice Kim. Love the simplicity of what you are doing

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