Apples 6 Ways - A Study

6 X 8 inch oil painting on canvas panel. $65.00
(That includes shipping within the U.S.)

These apples were painted for the Daily Paintworks Challenge. Each one was timed for 10 minutes and at the end of that time I had to put my brush down. It was a great exercise in getting down the essential elements of the apple without a lot of fussing around.

In my studio I had the added challenge of having my two kids under foot the whole time. Twice I lost precious minutes because there was a snack emergency and once I had to start my time over because the baby needed an urgent diaper change.

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Sheila said…
aah.. the snack emergency AND the infamous diaper change and you rose above it all and were victorious with a color challenge piece!
Dana Cooper said…
Wonderful job on the challenge Kim, particularly considering the child challenges too!
Great to see you today!
Love the post. You are amazing, brush in one hand peanut butter and jelly in the other. It was so good seeing you today.
Amazing work, diaper change and all. Well done, Kim.
Virginia Floyd said…
Aaah, the challenges an artist must overcome! Great job on these in spite of the interruptions.

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