Overlooking The Canyon

8 X 10 inch oil painting on panel.

Recently, my husband and I took the kids with us on a short hike. I packed my paints and he packed a bag with snacks and diapers. While I painted on the top of a hill he hiked the kids all around the area.

The challenge at this location was finding a scene that would make a good painting. While there were beautiful views and pretty groups of trees in the area, I wasn’t seeing a lot of potential paintings. After reaching the top of a hill I saw this view and decided it was the best place that I’d seen to stop and set up my easel.

My painting spot was just off a busy trail. Lots of mountain bikers and families were on the going past. While finishing up this painting my family came back and played nearby. While there, my husband was shocked at how many people stopped to talk to me and look at my painting. Over the years of painting plein air I’ve gotten used to it and the interruptions don’t bother me (my kids have certainly helped train me), in fact, I enjoy talking to people who want to see what I’m doing. Often I meet other artists, young kids usually want to see and there is always that guy that stops right in front of me, poses and asks to be painted. To date, no one has accepted my challenge to stand there for an hour while I add his or her likeness to the canvas.

Meeting new people is another aspect to painting en plein air that I enjoy.

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Anonymous said…
Kim, what a lovely and peaceful piece today...perfectly capturing the essence of your afternoon with your family. Very nice.
Pam Holnback said…
What I always find funny about plein air and people is when someone walks right up, looks at my piece, and asks "What are you painting?"!! Can they really not tell!
You're right, Kim, it is great to meet other people that way. Usually fun... AND what a great way to respond to those that make the "why don't you add me to the painting" remark?
Then there's the special treat that happens every once in a while when someone really likes your painting and wants to buy it!!

.... How funny... I just at this moment got a message saying you had posted something on my FB wall. Guess I'll get off and go see what you posted. Be well!
Jane Hunt said…
Sounds fun! I love the "blocks" of color you've created with your strokes.
Martha Kisling said…
Hi Kim - love the painting and what a nice husband!
J Joy Nocifora said…
Nice brushwork and depth in this painting. Lovely!
TheresaJ said…
I think the social aspect of what I do is one of the things I like best about it as well.
Hi Kim.
Lovely painting. Also I enjoyed reading your story of the day. It is great that people come up to you whilst painting and seem to like what you are doing isn`t it? All the best Kim.

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