Grapes with Pitcher

5 X 5 inch oil painting on panel.

Every artist I know, myself included, feels both excited and a bit apprehensive when we receive a commission. We are excited because someone loves our art so much that they want a special painting created just for them. The apprehension comes when the painting moves beyond the idea portion and approaches completion. We begin to wonder if they will love it or hate it and we fiercely hope that the final painting will live up to their expectations.

This small painting was created as a set of three. I was asked to choose a subject that would fit in with their open kitchen/dining/family room floor plan and would harmonize with the two colors of the walls.

I’ve found that usually, if I’m pleased with the outcome, my collectors are as well. When I’m not happy I grab a new canvas and work on another version. In this case I completed three paintings but one of them had a different color scheme and seemed out of place so, I’ll need to keep working until I get it right.

What do you think, would you be happy hanging this in your kitchen/dining/family room?

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J Joy Nocifora said…
Anyone would be proud to have this painting hanging in their home. The grapes are a luscious color against the white tea pot!
martinealison said…
Nul doute, je pense que votre acquéreur sera ravi de recevoir votre toile... J'aime la manière que vous avez travaillé votre pichet...
Il n'est jamais simple de réaliser une commande... En ce qui me concerne, je préfère et de loin qu'on choisisse parmi mes toiles disponibles... Toutefois il m'arrive de recevoir une commande. Je l'accepte que si j'ai pratiquement la liberté de création.
Gros bisous
Congrats on your RayMar award, Kim!!!
Martha Kisling said…
Hi Kim - love the painting, especially your use of brushstrokes and hi lights. I too share your feelings about commissions - the excitement and apprehension!
Linda Nickles said…
This is a lovely painting . . . excellent job on the grapes! I really like the softness about it.
Anonymous said…
This is a perfect piece for anyone's home...the grapes are so well done. Love them!

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