In the Vineyard

8"x10" Available through the Randy Higbee Gallery 714-546-2156
102 Kalmus, Costa Mesa. CA
Open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Right now, this painting along with another new one of mine is hanging in the "Less is More" art show featuring artwork created by members of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association. The Laguna group is known for having some of the best outdoor painters in Southern California as part of their membership. Each painting in the show was required to measure under 10"x 12" and each one had to be started outside on location (en plein air).

The painting you see here was from my trip to Tuscany last year. It was a hot sunny day with blue skies when I painted this in a vineyard named Dievole (pronounced dee-ah-vol-ee).

Getting all the different greens to read well in a painting like this required some planning on my part. I had to mix colors for the ground, grapevines, hillside and distant hills that would both harmonize with the overall painting as also, read as separate objects moving back through space. I knew the greens in the foreground had to be warm, the greens on the first hillside had to be cooler but still retain some of the warmth from the foreground and then the following hill had to be a lot cooler than both but, still keep some rich color without getting chalky from overusing white. Once I had my values established then I moved on to the smaller details.

The area of this painting that gave me some trouble was the shape of the distant road. In real life the road ascends almost vertically but, when I painted the road as it actually was it just didn't work. After scraping down the hillside several times, I finally found the right curve that would work in the painting. Besides, there is just something about a meandering Tuscan road that seems to promise you'll enjoy the journey almost as much as the destination (just like the act of painting).

I'll be in Sonoma this week for the Sonoma Plein Air competition. I'm very excited to have been selected this year to be part of the event. If you would like to learn more about next week's activities click here.

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Beautiful color and depth!
J Joy Nocifora said…
Love this one! You have created such a expertly rendered sense of depth.
Julie Hill said…
Kim, a fabulous piece...wonderful to be in the show too!
REALLY nice Kim!!!
How was the opening? I couldn't make it.
Stephanie Berry said…
Lovely plein air. Love how you handled all the differences of distance.
Manon Doyle said…
You did a terrific job on the greens, Kim!! Gorgeous work!!
Ruth Andre said…
You did a great job with this painting. Love all the greens and the distance works so well. Good luck at the Sonoma show.

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