Pinot in a Row and another from Sonoma

"Pinot in a Row"
9" X 12" oil painting on canvas panel.

This is another painting from the Sonoma Plein Air Festival. I literally pulled my car off highway 12 just north of Sonoma, set up my easel and went to work capturing this view. Since it was early spring, the grapes weren’t hanging from the vines yet. What drew me to this scene was how the morning sun kissed the vines, background trees and created that wonderful shadow shape you see at the bottom of the canvas.

The challenging part was dealing with all the different shades of green. Keeping the foreground greens warm and background greens cool created depth and helped differentiate the forms. I added hints of pink and yellow near my background trees to draw the eye deeper into the painting.

After putting in my earphones and getting my iPod going it turned out to be a great spot to paint, in spite of the traffic whizzing by my back. After this one was finished I rolled my gear down the road a little ways, found a shady place to set up again under a tree and painted the painting you see below. A few times a tractor drove past me down the dirt road, hence the title.

"Tractor Trail"
8" x 6" oil painting on canvas panel.


martinealison said…
Un endroit magique très certainement que vous avez magnifiquement peint... Une très belle touche qui met en valeur ce paysage. J'aime la lumière qui inonde votre toile. Gros bisous.
Kathy Cousart said…
These are both gorgeous. I know how hard getting those greens to be correct is- just did a huge vineyard painting too. They are fun. Love your shadow shapes that lead you in. Sounds like an amazing day:)
J Joy Nocifora said…
Great work,Kim! I was in this area last year in the fall. There is such beauty to paint in this area!
Sheila said…
I think one of the first paintings I commented on a couple of years ago involved a little trail going over a couple of puddles I believe. Always loved your work and I believe I always will.
Your painting "Pinot in a Row" is great! I like how color was used! Thanks for sharing this magnificent work of art!
nice plein air paintings!
And congratulations, you are now on "Artists to Watch" list on our blog!
Love the brush strokes Kim...

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