What would you rather be doing tomorrow?

P A I N T I N G !

Now is your chance. Tomorrow from 9:30 -12:30 a wonderful group of students and I will be having a great time pushing globs of paint around, why don't you join us? It's only $20 per class and you can drop in anytime.

During last Thursday's class I talked about selling your art on Etsy and Ebay all while painting a group of grapes (parenting has totally helped me learn to paint and talk at the same time). This Thursday I'll show you how to approach painting trees and why they aren't as difficult as they might seem.

Gallery by Biel
(inside the ACE Hardware store on the second floor)
2666 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA

Email me if you will be joining us at kimvander77@aol.com


Dana Cooper said…
That's a great deal Kim, I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher!
martinealison said…
J'aimerais bien me joindre à vous... si seulement vous n'étiez pas si loin... Cela doit être vraiment génial que de participer à un tel évènement... Je vous souhaite une très bon moment. Gros bisous.
Judy Mackey said…
I wish I lived in SoCal!

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