BEWARE: New Art Scam Involving My Blog

I just wanted to warn all my followers, artist friends and fellow bloggers. There is a new art scam that my friend Christine Mercer-Vernon received in her email and she was kind enough to alert me. The fishing email she received mentioned my blog specifically. I just wanted to be very clear that my blog is NOT involved with a company named Blog Services Inc. If you are contacted by this company, beware, I seriously doubt their email is anything but a fishing scam targeted at art bloggers. My thanks to Christine for her alert!


Denise Rose said…
Great to know. Thanks for the warning! There is so much out there now you just hate to click on anything!
shereen rayle said…
Not that this will make you feel any better, but it is directed at all bloggers. They will "add a sentence to your blog posts that will integrate with your theme". Just say no :(

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