Plein Air Cityscape Painting Titled "Leaving Downtown"

"Leaving Downtown"
8" x 10" oil on canvas
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A couple of months ago the City of Tustin had a plein air painting event which I entered. This was the first time I'd painted in Tustin. What was surprising to me was how small the area is that the artitsts are allowed to paint within. We were bound by the limits of old town Tustin which is just a few city blocks radiating out from the center of old town. As far as subject matter there are cafe scenes, old houses and a few big city scenes like this one.

This was my favorite painting from the 3 days we were allowed to paint plein air because I like the strong composition. Since it was overcast, I thought I could lead your eye through the painting by adding a few pops of color in strategic places. When I was almost done, I added the guy on the sidewalk and a few other figures in the background.

This scene presented some challenges for me and I honestly didn't expect it to turn out at all. I started it with the mindset that I was just going to play around and see what would happen. Overall, I'm pleased with it and I would like to go back another day when there is better light.


Dana Cooper said…
Great scene and color choices here Kim!
martinealison said…
Une composition bien réussie! Joli travail.
gros bisous

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