Emerald Avenue - A Study - Original Oil Painting of Trees Along a Road

"Emerald Avenue"
8" x 6"
Oil on Linen Panel.
Available for a limited time on DailyPaintworks.com with a low opening bid and $15 shipping within the U.S.

This is another painting for the DailyPaintworks.com weekly challenge. The challenge was actually posted a long time ago but, I thought this was a good painting to demo. for my oil painting students to see since there are so many greens in this scene. Knowing how to mix different greens is critical for a landscape painter. Landscape painters are often confronted with scenes that are loaded with green and knowing how to make use of the colors on your palette is crucial to creating a successful painting. Another aspect to mixing greens is knowing how to mix both warm and cool versions so that you can create depth in your paintings.

For this challenge painting you can see that I kept all my warm greens in the foreground and then used cooler versions in the background. When it comes to mixing these colors it helps to think beyond the yellow + blue = green basics. This is where making your own color mixing chart can help you see how many different color combinations can be used to create green. If you've never created one, I recommend you do, it will be a tremendous learning tool that you will refer to time and again. To see how to create your own click here.


It`s a cracker Kim. All the best and thank you.
I love pathways! This one beckons you in!

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