The Page Turner

"The Page Turner"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel.

Available through

Last week my very talented friend Dana Cooper was invited to host the weekly painting challenge. Her challenge to all of us artists was to paint the seated figure.

When I was up in San Luis Obispo earlier this year for a painting trip I spotted this young woman sitting on a rock reading. I whipped out my camera because I didn't think she would sit still long enough for me to paint her right then. She was so intent on what she was doing that she didn't notice me snapping away with my camera. I loved her pose - bare feet, pats rolled to keep them out of the water, book clasped firmly in hands, long braid over her shoulder - I couldn't believe my luck!

For my painting I tried to keep it simple and really thought about each stroke before I put my brush on the canvas. I wanted to keep the strokes bold and fresh so I laid them down and did my best not to mess with them again. My favorite one is the highlight on the back of her arm from shirt sleeve to elbow. This was a fun challenge and I'm very glad Dana chose it!

I have to confess I am a bit behind in posting this. Life kept me away from my easel for a number of reasons (a couple of them live in my house and call me mom) but, I did it. Better late than never, right?


Vanten said…
Sensation of reflections sensational.
Greetings from Spain.

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