Renegade in Pink - 6 x 6 Original Oil Painting of Flowers

"Renegade in Pink" 
6" x 6" Oil on masonite panel.
Available through

There’s something about the lone pink flower in this arrangement that shouts “rebel." It stands apart from the others boldly flaunting it’s unique color. A pretty nonconformist marching to the beat of its own drum. 

This is one of a series of flower paintings I've been working on lately. Check out my page to see one that I am offering at auction with a starting bid of $29.


Love the renegade. Lovely color and contrast. Nice one Kim. Did you say $29????? A steal!
martinealison said…
Un petit bouquet rempli de fraîcheur... Gros bisous
Hi Kim.
These flowers are absolutely beautiful. You are truly a wonderful Artist. All the best kim.
Dana Cooper said…
Lovely piece Kim and the renegade adds a punch to an already beautiful piece!

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