Seaside Wanderers - Original Oil Painting of Crystal Cove State Beach - Beach Painting

"Seaside Wanderers" - 9" x 12" Oil on Panel.
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©2012 By Kim VanDerHoek

For some reason I am never out painting at Crystal Cove State Beach when it's sunny. Not that I am complaining, overcast days bring out the colors of the beach and rocks and it's usually a pleasant temperature.

I painted this en plein air (outside on location) with fellow landscape painter Greg LaRock. Beach strollers kept stopping over at Greg's easel to see what he was doing. That's usually a sign that he's got a pretty sweet painting going and of course that happens ALL the time because he's a great painter. My painting didn't come together until near the end. It's always hard for me to judge my painting when I'm working on it and I usually put it out of sight and wait a day or two after finishing it before I take another look and to decide if I'm happy with it or not.

My husband has developed a good eye and when I got this one home he looked at it said he, "liked it" which is his understated way of saying, "Wow, really nice painting!" Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out and I might make a larger version as soon as I can get some free time on my calendar.


Stephanie Berry said…
Lovely plein air painting. I wish we still had beach weather here.

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