Getting Some Sun - Original Oil Painting of a White Duck - Wildlife Painting

"Getting Some Sun" - 6" x 6" - Oil on canvas panel.
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This was a fun exercise I had my students do in painting class. I gave them a photo of the duck and asked them to draw three thumbnail sized value studies, each with a different composition. They also had to crop into the image, I cautioned them to avoid centering the whole body of the duck in the middle of their canvases and to look for opportunities to create interesting negative shapes. Here is my example painting for the class. It was a fun exercise!


martinealison said…
Sans doute un travail très intéressant... j'aime la lumière qui inonde cette peinture.

Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes.
Kim, This is beautifully done.

I just returned from viewing the Winslow Homer show in Portland, Maine and this painting popped out at me as a perfect example of composition, value and brushwork.

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