Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wading By The Keyhole - Original Oil Painting of the Laguna Beach Keyhole at the Montage

"Wading By The Keyhole"
11" x 14" Oil on canvas panel.
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This ocean-created keyhole is a popular place for beach goers and it can be found just below the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. This is also a popular spot for plein air painters, of course, just about any spot in Laguna Beach has a wonderful view that is worthy of being captured on canvas. I always say that even a bad day painting in Laguna is still a really great day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beyond the Vineyard's Edge - Large Original Oil Painting of California Vineyards

"Beyond The Vineyard's Edge"
 22" x 28" Oil on stretched canvas.
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek (©2012 means that you may not reproduce this image in any way without my permission.)

This morning I dropped this painting off along with 49 others at Copperwood Artware Gallery in Old Town Orange, California. It is going to be one of 16 paintings hanging in my first solo exhibit. 

This was a milestone painting for me as an artist. I have to say I learned more from painting the large version of this scene than I have painting dozens of other smaller landscapes. It challenged me completely and I am happy to say that each time I would stop, re-evaluate and work the problem until I found a solution. 

It is based on a plein air study I did while participating in the Sonoma Plein Air Festival in 2011. Below is the initial plein air painting.


"View From Old Lakeville Road" 
8" x10" Oil on canvas panel.
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek (©2012 means that you may not reproduce this image in any way without my permission.)

You can see that the composition changed dramatically. That's the thing about these larger paintings, what works in the small version might need more fleshing-out in the larger piece. When I tried to render the vineyard as simply as you see in it in the plein air painting, that passage totally fell apart. After hours of work I scraped off the whole bottom half of the painting. Then I gave myself a day or so to think about how to make it work. Before I got my brushes out again however, I decided to test out my theory on a smaller scale, that way I didn't loose a lot of time working on the larger piece if my idea didn't pan out. I chose a 6" x 8" to try out my idea and I could tell right away that it had potential, in fact, I really like the way the study turned out. You can see the study below.

"Truckin' On By"
6" x 8" Oil on canvas panel.
©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek (©2012 means that you may not reproduce this image in any way without my permission.)

Also, this painting continued to evolve during the months it was hanging around my studio. You can see I added a big bush, telephone poles and trees to the mid-ground because without them the upper and lower parts of the painting read as separate entities. Adding the big bush, telephone poles and pine trees accomplished two things, it tied those areas together and helped to continue your eye movement deeper into the background of the painting. I kept the brushwork in the distance horizontal and made sure it was smaller in width when compared to the foreground to help give a sense of the receding scale. The buildings moved around, they got smaller and I added a shadow to the distant mountains.

This painting along with 15 others will be hanging at Copperwood Artware Gallery. There will also be 32 more unframed paintings of mine in their bin. I made sure that there would be a wide variety of sizes, prices and subject available. I hope you will join me for a glass of wine at the reception this Saturday night from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

148A N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866