Open Meadow - Original Impressionist Style Landscape Painting of Trees In a Meadow

"Open Meadow" | 8" x 10" | Oil On Canvas Panel

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©2012 by Kim VanDerHoek

This was a fun exercise I had my students do - we painted most of this view upside down. The lesson was how to simplify your painting into masses. Once everyone put the big shapes down onto their canvases most of the painting was complete. I actually heard a few gasps when we turned them right side up and they looked like landscapes. After that we added a few details to bring it all together. It was such a good lesson that I think I saw a few light bulbs light up over my students' heads.

This meadow is located in Sonoma, California and it is part of a nearby farm. It is a peaceful spot, just a short ways away from a very busy highway.

The challenge of painting this area is, knowing how to mix a wide variety of greens in order to create the illusion of reality and depth on the canvas. I did my best to let as many brush strokes show as possible, which helps give the painting a spontaneous and fresh feeling.

(You may not reproduce this image in any way without my permission.)


Tracey Mardon said…
Great idea, I love the result and it's aptly named!

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