Morning Walkers - Original Oil Painting of the Beach - Painting of Crystal Cove Beach

"Morning Walkers" | 11" x 14" | Oil on canvas panel.
Available at the Crystal Cove Store
©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

My birthday was in February. A few weeks before the date my thoughtful husband asked what I wanted as a gift. As a mom there are all sorts of things I want and need - new clothes, socks that match, towels that aren't frayed at the edges, a date with a manicurist, a date with my husband, wine, lots of wine and tequila .... you get the idea. After he asked I took my time answering. Even though I could have recited a whole list of things, what I truly wanted in my heart of hearts was a day outside painting with my friends.

Photo of Kim VanDerHoek © 2013 by Dori Dewberry

My significant other got off easy, right? Needless to say, he was totally on board with my plan because all he needed to do was watch our kids while I dragged my gear out the door at dawn on a chilly Sunday morning.

Philippe Gandiol and Greg LaRock at work.

Several of my painter friends and I met on the beach at Crystal Cove. We caught up with each other, prowled the shore looking for the best painting spots, took photos and then set up our easels and got to work. The clouds kept blowing in and out that morning which meant our light wasn't consistent and near noon a very chilly wind began to gust. All of us were able to finish our paintings even though our fingers were going numb from the cold, our noses were running and our eyes were tearing up from the wind.

 Dori Dewberry at work.

Yeah, it was awesome. The perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

My painting "Morning Walkers" will be available at the Crystal Cove Store for their spring art show and sale on March 16th through April 1st. 

Also you can check out the work of my very talented friends by clicking their names here - Philippe Gandiol - Dori Dewberry - Greg LaRock


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