Winging It - Original Oil Painting of Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach - Beach Painting

 "Winging It" | 8" x 16" | Oil on canvas panel.
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

 While out scouting painting locations for my outdoor painting class, I came across this stretch of beach in Laguna Beach, California that I hadn't painted before.

There were two views I was interested in painting. The tide was coming in that day and my first choice of painting locations could have left me stranded on the side of a bluff once the tide had reached it's crest. As a result, I decided to paint this view and I happened to have a long canvas with me which fit the bluff perfectly.

 ©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

The photo you see above shows the view with the water just after the waves have crashed and the it is about to rush back out to sea. This is a good example of why it's so important to paint from life as well as from photos. If I had painted the scene as you see it in the photo above I would have missed to opportunity to add movement to the painting with the waves crashing against the rocks. Since I was on location and could both see and hear the waves crash I decided to put them into the painting to add drama and movement to an otherwise static composition. Before I included the birds I had a large expanse of sky that needed something and though you don't see them in the photo while I was there a bird happened to fly in the direction of the bluff and I knew what would make it complete at that point.

Photos are fine to use as reference but, sometimes life provides the best inspiration.


Rita said…
Nice work Kim! You inspire me! :)

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