Backroad - Oirginal impressionist Style Oil Painting of a Country Road - Plein Air Painting

"Backroad" | 9" x 12" | Oil on canvas panel.
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

While going through some paintings looking for work to post on my blog I realized that I'd never posted this one. About a year ago I participated in a plein air (outdoor) painting even put on by Segil Fine Art Gallery. Artists were invited to paint on the Falkner Winery property in Temecula, California for a weekend wine tasting celebration.

The event was in early spring when the vines were still bare which made painting the vineyards challenging. I found myself searching for views that didn't include the bare brown vines.

When I spotted this scene I felt it would make a strong composition because of the road, mountains and small hilltop house, however, the first time I saw it it was at noon and the light wasn't very good. I knew if I returned the following morning I would have better light to work with. So, I kept this location in mind for my second day of painting the area. When I returned the next morning the light was much better and I got to work.

This dirt road runs along the back of the parking lot behind the tasting room and restaurant. The fence you see on the left of the painting surrounds some of the Falkner vineyards while the hilltop house is, I believe, a private residence. I happened to have a toned canvas with me after wiping off a painting from a few weeks before this event and I decided to use it for this scene (in case you were wondering about the pops of Ochre that you see peeking between the paint here and there). Normally, I work on either a white canvas panel or a lightly gray toned panel. Every so often it's nice to mix things up and work with materials or techniques outside of my regular way of painting and I like the result.

Views like this always make me wonder what is just over the ridge and I would have really liked to walk the whole road to find out where it ends. Maybe next time....


Wendy Barrett said…
Hi Kim, I just LOVE all your paintings! You have captured a peaceful country scene beautifully here!
Stephanie Berry said…
This really captures that countryside. Temecula is the only wine region in CA I've seen. It's so beautiful there and so many wonderful wineries! Lovely scene! Have you ever visited Cordiano Vineyard?

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