Canyon Oak - Original Impressionist Style Oil Painting of an Oak Tree - Santiago Oaks Park Painting - Tree Painting

"Canyon Oak" | 6" x 6" | Oil on canvas panel 
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

The morning I painted this small piece I was on a scouting mission for potential new painting spots with fellow artist Dori Dewberry. The day started out overcast and we spent most of our morning just looking around at the scenery which left us a limited amount of time to paint. We both decided to paint tree studies and about half way through our paintings the clouds cleared up and blue skies emerged.

I always encourage my students to paint small studies of things they want to get a better understanding of. These studies can be quick sketches or finished paintings in their own right, like the one you see here. They are not always meant to be framed or shown to family and friends. Often, artists use a combination of these studies to create a large finished painting, adding in all the elements from the different studies they've completed. It is also nice to be able to experiment and work on a painting without the pressure of having to create a beautiful finished piece of art.

For a limited time I am going to offer this piece at a lower price on my site. Click the link HERE for purchase information.


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