Seeing Dots - Original Impressionist Style Oil Painting of Candy - Candy Painting

"Seeing Dots" | 8" x 8" | Oil on canvas panel.
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

In my Monday night oil painting class I often have students set up a still life to paint from. It gives them an opportunity to both paint from life and also to be creative in their selection of subject matter so that their final painting is uniquely their own. For this particular class I asked everyone to bring in candy.

It was a nice change of pace from landscape painting because all of us got to use bright color combinations.

For my painting I chose to bring in Dots which I had to hide from my family for a whole week before class. If the bright yellow packaging had been spotted in our pantry then all the candy inside would have been gone in a day and I wouldn't have had a still life to work from.

Strangely, when I brought this painting home my son asked me, "You painted Dots? Why?"

I would have thought the reason would be perfectly obvious to an 8 year old but then, he's seen me bring home a lot of landscapes over the years. Maybe he was surprised that I would pick a subject he actually found interesting.

Either way, he made like a magician and the Dots promptly disappeared and then he asked, "So, what are you painting next week?"


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