Six Flavors - Original Impressionist Style Oil Painting of Candy - Candy Painting - Affordable Original Art

"Six Flavors" | 6" x 6" | Oil on canvas panel.
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek
Once again I had the students in my Monday night oil painting class bring in candy to paint. It was fun seeing all the different kinds of candy everyone had from striped candy canes to chocolate.

I used candy Dots as well as a strawberry flavored candy that was wrapped. 
There are several challenging aspect to painting a still life. One is that you have to spend a lot of time setting it up so that you have a pleasing design. The other challenge is lighting which also takes some planning. Unfortunately, my classroom isn't equipped with individual lights and we are stuck with the overhead room light which is not ideal.

In this small painting I wanted to make sure I didn't divide the canvas in half where the background blue meets the orange ground. I also wanted to scatter the candy Dots around in an uneven way so that they created unequal spaces in between. The strawberry candy added a nice vertical element. 
It was a fun exercise especially because I got to dip into my red paint a lot more often than I usually get to do when painting landscapes.


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