Seaside Pedestrians - Original Oil Painting of People at the Beach - California Beach Painting

"Seaside Pedestrians" | 11" x 14" | Oil on canvas panel 
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

This was the second of two paintings I completed one morning at Crystal Cove State Beach in southern California. The first painting of the day came together quickly and with some extra time left before I had to head home I decided to work on a second piece of people on the beach.

Painting moving people can be tough and I found I had to rely on memory while I was working. For the figures I took some time observing people and their positions. Once I had committed them to memory I worked on painting them into the scene you see here.

At the start I knew I wanted to try a risky composition that kept the focus on the figures so, I chose a simple open design that works as a frame for them. The waves and shoreline help reinforce where the focal point is as well. It was a fun experiment.

A quick change of subject. Recently, I opened an ImageKind shop where you can purchase prints of my paintings. ImageKind offers a variety of sizes and also offers different framing options too. I used to make prints myself but, ImageKind can print in large sizes and they have frames for any size you order, which is something I was never able to offer. It's tough fitting original art into a budget (I am very familiar with that as I love art but have a tight budget) but, a quality print is a good compromise plus you are still supporting a living artist and a small business too (if that's important to you). To see what I have available on ImageKind CLICK HERE.


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