Peeking Moon - Original Oil Painting of the High Sierra Mountains - Mountain Painting - Forest Painting - Checkenfoot Lake Painting

"Peeking Moon" | 10" x 8" | Oil on 1/8" thick featherlight canvas panel from RayMar Art
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©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek
About midway through my summer backpacking trip with my husband I knew I wanted to do a morning moon painting. I'd been seeing the moon every morning during breakfast and would watch to see how long it stayed up in the sky before sinking slowly behind a ridge. For a scene like this I had to scout my painting location in advance and find a spot close to camp where I could set up my gear quickly. 
This view was just down a slope from our tent. It was very windy that morning. I found some shelter behind a tree and set up my easel. Working quickly I drew in my composition. By that time the moon was as close to the ridge as you see here and I knew it wasn't going to stick around to see how it's portrait turned out. I blocked in the sky first and the moon second. Then poof, it was gone! 
The rest of the painting took shape eventually. There were a number of rough moments where I had to weigh down my easel with bags and rock to keep it from blowing over. The fishermen (my husband included) didn't mind the wind because the fish couldn't see them with all the ripples in the water. I'm glad I had the opportunity to paint the moon in spite of the wind.


Carol Hopper said…
You worked through the time stress to get exactly what you were aiming to achieve. This is a lovely painting.
ena said…
beautiful paintings! color plates and more sensitivity

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