Side by Side - Original Oil Painting of White Flowers in a Bottle - Still Life White Flower Painting

"Side by Side" | 5" x 5" | Oil on 1/4" thick panel with the sides painted black
©2013 by Kim VanDerHoek

Painted from a still life set-up in my studio. These two simple white flowers paired with the amber-colored glass bottle made a delicate statement in front of a light blue background. This piece was painted quickly. It has thicker paint in some areas, like the petals, and paint so thin that the canvas can be seen through parts of the brushstroke, like in the background.

The blue in this painting is a delicate light blue with a hint of green that is impossible to capture accurately in a photo. I've done my best to color match this particular painting in my photo-editing program but, please know that the blue is such a subtle color that I can only come close. It is a beautiful and soft painting in person.


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