Twilight Squall - Original Oil Painting of a Storm at Sea - Cloud Painting - Ocean Storm Painting - Living Room Art - Family Room Art

”Twilight Squall” | 9" X 12" | Oil painting on canvas panel 
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek

 A few months ago one of my students gave me a beautiful photo of this view and said I could use it to paint from. In the rush to teach class that night I forgot to ask where this view is located. Shortly after that she became ill and left the class permanently.

The original photo is of a beautiful coastal view and the image has been enhanced with a filter which made painting from it very challenging because the colors were off, in my opinion. It's funny how after painting in the field for so many years I am able to spot changes like that in an image. As a student I wouldn't have noticed at all. Now that I've stood at the edge of the sea time and again for the span of a day I am more familiar with how light and color behave.

I did enjoy painting from this altered image because it allowed me to play with color in some areas while in others I needed to adjust what I felt would realistically be seen at the shore.

Where did I make adjustments you ask? I had to lighten the clouds quite a bit as well as the sea. In the original image they were as dark as the bluffs, which didn't make sense visually in a painting. This exercise reminded me that what works in a successful photograph does not necessarily work in a painting and as an artist it's my job to edit accordingly.


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