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 "Handcrafted History" |  16" x 20" | Oil on canvas panel
©2014 by Kim VanDerHoek 

This was painted on location in July during the Plein Air Easton event. Since it was very hot and humid I was searching for a spot to paint that had some shade as well as something interesting to paint. I wandered over to the Cutts and Case Shipyard in Oxford, Maryland and found this scene just inside their showroom. It took me two painting sessions to complete this one. The first session I spent almost all of my time drawing, stopping when the light changed because a storm blew through the area. The second session involved paint application and once again it began to rain when I was a couple of hours into it. Fortunately, the staff that works there appreciates art (which is understandable since they create art in the form of beautiful wooden boats) and invited me inside the showroom so that I could finish working.

While I was there I took a few moments to look around and read some of the materials about the history of the boats. The boat in the back with the flag on it is the historic Foto chase boat once owned by Morris Roselfeld who photographed the heyday of yachting in 1920s and 1930s. The owner of Cutts and Case bought it when it was in disrepair and restored it. 

The perspective in this painting was the most challenging part to get right and like I mentioned I spent a whole lot of time drawing. Out of all the artwork I created during Plein Air Easton this painting was the one I enjoyed working on the most because it was so challenging.


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